Serving Strong for Almost 2 Decades

Since 2001, we provide multiple solutions to housing, remittance, telecommunications and travel needs of all our clients.

Grupo Tahanan (Tahanan Group of Companies) is spearheaded and managed by its proprietress, Ms. Leonila Cabradilla-Antolin, Grupo Tahanan started in 2001 as a service attending to housing requirements- hence the core name Tahanan (House / Home). Through years of building consistent and reliable customer service, it gained the trust of its growing clientele and began serving remittance solutions to its portfolio. After which, bagging more loyal customers and requirements eventually led the company to venture into global top-up solutions for telecommunications. With business partners, the range of the company’s services further established travel bookings & tours (Viajes)- with Asian countries as recommended destinations and Philippines as feature highlight.
To-date, yet humble in many ways, Grupo Tahanan has almost two decades of successful operations under its belt and continue to become stronger trusted partner in providing extensive and competitive services at par with local and global standards.


As the core founding business arm, Grupo Tahanan bags almost 2 decades of expertise on real property

Envio de Dinero

Consistent, Fast & Reliable global money remittance solutions in partnership with MoneyGram and XpressMoney


Traveling has never been so fun and easy as Tahanan Viajes bags all everything you need. Just let us know what you want and it's done


Tahanan Telecomunicaciones provides mobile phone credits to more than 150 countries all over the globe

Humble Beginnings

Ms. Leonila Cabradilla-Antolin traces her beginnings when she sat foot during the May 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. That time, she lived with her sister and started working as a domestic helper. With a humble employment for years, she tried her luck in submitting her CV when the Philippine National Bank (PNB) started its remittance operations. More than meeting the requirements for the position, the manager saw a promising attitude where she was hired, trained and gained numerous experience. With hunger and passion for service and learning, she also became an agent of Banco Bilbao for financial and insurance services.

Ms. Leonila is very grateful to the people who saw her potential and provided her an opportunity to learn and grow in different aspects of financial services from opening of accounts, remittances, loans, pensions among others.

While learning the complexities of finance, her gratitude for the opportunities fueled her to give back to help fellow overseas workers and colleagues who are looking for housing necessities.

With growing network of people trusting in her abilities, she realized that her gratis work has to be professionalized and legalized in order to provide better services and accountability. Almost 20 years ago, she officially began to establish the first of her companies- Tahanan 2005, S.L.

Future Plans

The journey to success will always have its ups and downs. Ms. Leonila doesn’t consider herself as full-grown successful somebody, but will and shall always be someone who continues to learn, grow and help, whatever and whenever she can.

She will always be open to opportunities that will provide solutions to clients’ needs.

Community Contributions

Grupo Tahanan is not just plain business services. It is also actively involved in different civic organizations and activities in the community. As much as we can, we extend our aid as a way of giving back for the trust and blessings that we receive.
  • Basketball Association (BAFSCOM) – Assistance, Guidance and Sponsorhips
  • Timpuyog ti Ilocano – Organization Adviser
  • Philippine Independence Celebrations – Yearly Overall and/or Assistant Overall Coordinator
  • Yearly Thanksgiving Raffle – Free Round Trip Ticket to the Philippines
    and many more

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